Robust and Affordable KYC services.

A lot of the times in the crypto world, investors may lack trust in a project when they are not seeing a face behind it. This is where SafeKYC comes into place. We privately identify team members, ensuring that the developers are legit and have good intentions.

KYC Checks don’t have to cost you a fortune, that’s why we keep our pricing low.
Moreover, if you are a SafeWages holder, you may be eligible to great discounts or even having your KYC done completely free! 

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Become a trusted project

Giving your investors peace of mind.

By completing our KYC Checks your project receives a Certificate with project logo and name, which is uploaded and visible to all in our Github repo, and a special badge with QR code that links to your certificate!

Your KYC Checks are always kept private.
We will only release those checks to the public if scam is detected – i.e. Rugpull.  

Comprehensive KYC Services

Robust and affordable

We conduct rigorous checks without charging you a fortune.


Our KYC Checks are stored and backed-up in a secure and private server.


Your project receives Certificate and special Badge to prove your team can be trusted.

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The information provided in our document does not constitute financial advice. It’s important to conduct your own due diligence, research and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.
Our KYC makes no statements, or guarantees the safety and security of a project.
Our KYC checks are on individuals within the project and not of the project as a whole.
It’s also not to be considered as an assessment regarding the utility or longevity of a project.